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The old apartment of the early 70s needed to be completely renovated, meaning all the water pipes, all the electrical system, and even the ceilings. During the reconstruction we discovered, it was a wood ceiling and not a concrete ceiling, so we had to protect the wood ceiling with a special fire protection insulation. 

All this wasn’t foreseen and planned at all. 

This is what it means doing reconstruction- there are good and bad surprises.

PARLISWISS_St.Moritz_Apartment 13_Entry area.jpg

Before PARLI

PARLISWISS_ St. Moritz_ Apartment 13_ Entrance 2.jpg



In this specific case the owner wanted to have something completely new in traditional style, this the main reason why we used wood from oak for the main parts, swiss stone pine for all the wardrobes and doors. 

We also had a special frame on the ceiling and on the floor of 300 years old larch wood.

PARLISWISS_St.Moritz_Apartment 13_Second room.jpg

Before PARLI

PARLISWISS_ St. Moritz_ Apartment 13_ Second bedroom.jpg



To satisfy a special desire of the owner, we used particular marble.

Turkish marble in the main bathroom, Carrara marble in the guest bathroom and

a very unique green marble from Brasil in the guest Wc.


To give a final and special touch to the property, we made a the typical Sgraffito, 

which is a drawing, on an opening in the apartment.

PARLISWISS_St.Moritz_Apartment 13_Living.jpg

Before PARLI

PARLISWISS_ St. Moritz_ Apartment 13_ Living area from fireplace.jpg


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