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Discover the irresistible benefits of living temporarily in a luxury #property in this enchanting region. We invite you to experience a unique way of life defined by natural beauty, cultural richness and unparalleled comfort.

The splendor of nature and exclusive sophistication:

Immerse yourself in the daily spectacle of Engadine's breathtaking scenery - from majestic alpine peaks and sparkling lakes to picturesque villages. Our properties grant you the privilege of firsthand experience of this magnificence, while residing in a #luxurious haven.

Activities all year round:

Engadine’s multifaceted charm is showcased throughout the seasons - from the exhilarating winter sports of #skiing and snowboarding to hiking, cycling, and water sports during summer. A temporary residence here offers an immersive encounter with every aspect of this extraordinary region.

Cultural immersion and traditions:

Dive into the rich culture of the Engadine - from the characteristic Engadine houses to local festivals and customs to over 90 museums and #galleries.

Culinary delights:

Join us on a culinary journey through the exquisite local cuisine of the Engadine, ranging from traditional dishes to contemporary #gourmet cuisine. But it's not just gourmets who can enjoy the culinary delights here to the full.

Wellness and sustainability:

Relax in the embracing realms of wellness facilities and #hotel spas while simultaneously embracing an environmentally-conscious lifestyle. Our residences harmoniously balance relaxation and #sustainability, setting a commendable example.

Serenity and quality of life:

The Engadine serves as a peaceful refuge, a sanctuary from the hustle of the daily life. Choosing to reside in a luxurious Parli Swiss #property signifies an investment in a higher quality of life.

Discover our unique jewels in any location in the #Engadine, directly on our website or ask us for our off-market properties.

A brief preview of our tenant marathon runner Lisa Migliorini awaits you in the video.

Contact us to discover your own piece of paradise in the Engadine!


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Welcome to Parli Swiss, your first-class partner for Luxury Real Estate and outstanding #architecture in St.Moritz and its picturesque surroundings. For decades, our concept has been satisfying even the most discerning customers.

The Vision:

Parli Swiss was founded by the renowned architect Mr. Federico Parli, who brings extensive experience and profound expertise in the real estate and architecture industry. Our vision is to find unique #properties with enormous potential. We see beauty and potential where others don't, and leverage our extensive expertise to transform these properties into #exclusive residential oases.

The Parli Swiss experience:

Whether you're looking to #acquire an exclusive property for yourself or transform your own property into a dream home - at Parli Swiss, you'll experience a comprehensive service that meets the highest standards

After completing the personalized #renovation, we offer you two options: Either you enjoy the ultimate living comfort and experience the luxury of St. Moritz to the fullest, or you entrust us with the #rental - annually or seasonally. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on carefully selecting long-term tenants to create an exclusive ambience that meets your expectations.

Exclusive design & tailor-made renovations:

Renovations are the core of Parli Swiss. With utmost care and attention to detail, we bring out the best in each property to create an incomparable standard of luxury. Our team of experienced architects, designers and craftsmen work hand in hand with you to turn your individual wishes and ideas into reality and exceed your expectations.

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For over 20 years, Luxury Real Estate and Architecture have been and still are our main focus.

New #constructions and #renovations are part of our services and #skills, where the #outcome reflects the happiness of our customers.

The use of #traditional materials such as #wood and natural #stone are important and essential part of our projects as well as the use of the “Sgraffito” technique to give a touch of uniqueness to our customers' properties.

As per the below short intro Video of our President&Founder Arch. Federico Parli, we are glad to present you in this blogpost two of our renovation #projects where images are worth a thousand words.




The old #apartment of the early 70s needed to be completely #renovated, meaning all the water pipes, all the electrical system, and even the ceilings. During the reconstruction we discovered it was a wood ceiling and not a concrete ceiling, so we had to protect the wood ceiling with a special fire protection insulation. All this wasn’t foreseen and planned at all.

This is what it means doing reconstruction - there are good and bad surprises.

In this specific case the owner wanted to have something completely new in #traditional style, this the main reason why we used wood from oak for the main parts, swiss stone pine for all the wardrobes and doors.

We also had a special frame on the ceiling and on the floor of 300 years old larch wood.

To satisfy a special desire of the owner, we used particular #marbles: Turkish marble in the main bathroom, Carrara marble in the guest bathroom and a very unique green marble from Brasil in the guest Wc (below picture):

To give a final and special touch to the property, we made the typical Sgraffito,

on an opening in the apartment.




The renovation of Romantica 16, a 36 sqm #studio in the heart of St. Moritz with a wonderful #lake view, has been a very interesting challenge for us in terms of goal and budget.

Starting from a #property of the 70’s, characterized by the carpet and wallpaper, we were asked to give new identity to the studio; transforming the space into a modern and warmer #apartment that can be easily rented out.

Everything has been changed: carpet, wallpaper, tiles, bathroom and kitchen. We gave space to a larch floor, bed furniture and wall boiserie in faux wood laminate, a fully new kitchen and faux travertine porcelain stoneware in the bathroom.

To give an additional touch of #modernity and enrich the studio with more light, we have created a false ceiling enriched with 4 recessed light points.

The biggest #challenge was to #achieve this result with a defined and limited budget, but with great satisfaction from both the client and ours, we did it.



At the following link you can discover additional renovations:

We are here for you, open to any dialogue to satisfy your requests and desires and to discuss and evaluate any of your projects with you!



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