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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

1. Tell us about yourself

I’m Lisa Migliorini, 26 years old and live in the province of Novara, in Piedmont. I am a physiotherapist and running / sport influencer with my @TheFashionJogger page.

I have been a competitive runner since I was a child, and thanks to I have also made my job of my passion.

My favorite distances are 10 km and a half marathon.

2. When and where was the passion for running born?

I grew up in a family of super sportsmen: both mom and dad practiced athletics at good levels and then triathlon. I certainly have it in my DNA!

Before devoting myself entirely to running at the age of 10, I practiced other sports, such as ballet, swimming, tennis and triathlon.

3. Tell us about your 48-hours experience in St.Moritz with @Parliswiss

I know very well #StMoritz as I’m used to come every summer for two weeks of training in altitude.

But last week end, together with Fabio, we were hosted by in one of their apartment. We experienced different things and discovered new places: a very luxury week end in the midst of the nature.

We stayied in an amazing property in #Champfèr a small dreamy village with a stunning #lake view and just few minutes far from St.Moritz.

It was fantastic to #run on the snow along Lake #StMoritz, and then we came across a group of squirrels: never seen so many at one time. A #training session different from usual ones, with lots of energy and emotions.

From St. Moritz we also drove through the valley till Zuoz where we visited Galerie Tschudi, such an ispiring and stunning discovery.

#Zuoz is such a typical #Engadinese village where time seems to have stopped. You shouldn’t really miss it! You will love that place!

We dined in magnificent and characteristic restaurants: @Bellavista we had a tasteful and unique bash meat while @Restaurant Krone we had a delicious typical food: “Fondue”.

I love food, in fact discovering new flavors is one of the things I like most about traveling.

Before dinner we had the chance to get an aperitif at the Skybar of @Mono that offers a magnificent view of St. Moritz

On Sunday we had the opportunity to live the @WhiteTurf experience: simply exciting. The frozen lake, the horses, the bets, the champagne in ice buckets and the oysters ... an incredible thing! It was a very fun weekend. The Engadine is a fantastic place, with magical colors in all seasons: you should go there at least once in your life!

4. Pro & Cos of running in altitude If it's done with the right #intensity and in the ideal period, there are definitely more pros than cons. Once you go down to sea level you have an improvement in performance. This happens due to the rarefaction of the air, less rich in oxygen, there is a natural increase in the concentration of erythropoietin, platelets and hemoglobin in the blood. The result is an improvement in oxygen transport and an increase in aerobic power, thus benefiting endurance #runners more.

Obviously you have to be careful to start training gradually. It always takes at least a week of adaptation, then you can start doing more intense and structured #workouts.

5. Tips on clothing for running at altitude in winter

Cap and #gloves are a must. For the rest I #dress in layers: close-fitting, thermal underwear in contact with the skin, a heavier long-sleeved shirt with a high collar and a long-sleeved or waterproof sleeveless jacket to repair the bust from the cold and wind.

In any case, depending on the temperature, I add or remove layers. As for #shoes, surely they must have a sole with a good #grip to avoid slipping. If those used for longer workouts (A3-A4) are not enough, then it is better to opt for trail shoes.

6. How do you stay motivated when you don't feel like running?

It often happens that you don't feel like it, especially after a tiring day of work. In the end the sense of duty and the awareness that after the #race I will definitely feel better, they win: I just put my shoes and I go running! We must not let laziness win, this does not mean, however, not listening to our body: if there is too much tiredness or there seem to be other problems, it is better to rest.

7. Why did you choose "The Fashion Jogger" as your account name? Passion for fashion?

That was my and Fabio’s idea, my boyfriend, with whom I founded the profile. We have combined my two great passions: #running and #fashion. And I must say that people and followers like it!

8. Do you have favorite playlists when you run?

I love #music, except while I run. I prefer to listen to the sounds of #nature or the noises of the #city. I focus better on myself, on my breathing and on my #feelings. In addition, I almost always #run with someone, so when training allows, I talk to my friends.

9. What’s your next running goal?

My #goal, like that of all competitive #runners, is to improve my personal best. I’m leaving in these days for Muscat, #Oman, where I will run a 10 km. I am looking forward, it will be just pure fun, without any aim of performance as I won’t be in my best shape.

Then I have projects that will take me to compete in #Milan, a city that I love. And after that I will do a half marathon in fall and then who knows ... maybe the #marathon!

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