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Luxurious Living in the Engadine - long-term and seasonal residences by Parli Swiss

Discover the irresistible benefits of living temporarily in a luxury #property in this enchanting region. We invite you to experience a unique way of life defined by natural beauty, cultural richness and unparalleled comfort.

The splendor of nature and exclusive sophistication:

Immerse yourself in the daily spectacle of Engadine's breathtaking scenery - from majestic alpine peaks and sparkling lakes to picturesque villages. Our properties grant you the privilege of firsthand experience of this magnificence, while residing in a #luxurious haven.

Activities all year round:

Engadine’s multifaceted charm is showcased throughout the seasons - from the exhilarating winter sports of #skiing and snowboarding to hiking, cycling, and water sports during summer. A temporary residence here offers an immersive encounter with every aspect of this extraordinary region.

Cultural immersion and traditions:

Dive into the rich culture of the Engadine - from the characteristic Engadine houses to local festivals and customs to over 90 museums and #galleries.

Culinary delights:

Join us on a culinary journey through the exquisite local cuisine of the Engadine, ranging from traditional dishes to contemporary #gourmet cuisine. But it's not just gourmets who can enjoy the culinary delights here to the full.

Wellness and sustainability:

Relax in the embracing realms of wellness facilities and #hotel spas while simultaneously embracing an environmentally-conscious lifestyle. Our residences harmoniously balance relaxation and #sustainability, setting a commendable example.

Serenity and quality of life:

The Engadine serves as a peaceful refuge, a sanctuary from the hustle of the daily life. Choosing to reside in a luxurious Parli Swiss #property signifies an investment in a higher quality of life.

Discover our unique jewels in any location in the #Engadine, directly on our website or ask us for our off-market properties.

A brief preview of our tenant marathon runner Lisa Migliorini awaits you in the video.

Contact us to discover your own piece of paradise in the Engadine!


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