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The importance of a #traditional #architecture in #renovations is crucial to add, without compromising its harmony and concept, that element which characterizes the exception and makes your home unique.

It’s all about #spaces, light and shadow effects, #materials and their compositions.

In all our #projects, we focus the attention on how to create a perfect and harmonious environment, that allows the use of traditional materials: #wood or #stone in all their shapes, sizes and finishes. An organic bond which changes over time, bringing added value to your home.

Once the right balance is found, we are free to create the exception which catches the eye at first sight.

That exception which enriches the space without ruining it.

But how can we reach a tradition that frees the exception?

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the German #architect and pioneer of Modern Movement, with his most famous phrase "Less is more" made a strong statement for a minimalist approach to his architecture that it is still loved by the entire world. Then, in order not to "isolate ourselves" amid these 3 words, another great architect, also considered a pioneer of the Modern Movement, Frank Lloyd Wright, wanted to open another door, letting us reflect on the meaning of "Less is more, only when more is no good ".

And this exactly where we can put a tradition that frees the exception.

A context signed by primary design choices (the program) and stylistic choices (the materials). The program determines spaces based on the client's needs and the architect designs following the required needs. We also want to remember another famous phrase said by the architect, considered the father of the Modern Movement Louis H. Sullivan “Form follows function”.

Stylistic choices establish the warmth of a room, the feel of a material and above all they are choices that, as far as our architectural approach is concerned, have to reflect the traditions of the place.

In fact in our beautiful #Engadine, wood and stone are the main protagonists since ever and we feel obliged, towards our clients and towards the entire local tradition, to use these two organic materials at its best and in all their forms. Malleable materials that can be adapted to any context thanks to the skill of our artisans who have shaped our ideas and draws for decades.

Our #goal, since from first sketch, is to create functional and defined spaces as muchas possible, to allow us to release that touch of inspiration that leads to that so desired exceptional element. Drawings easy to read, graphically clear and understandable, are the basis to help our clients in their decisions.

Once design details are fixed, materials chosen, directly at our offices or at workshops of our craftsmen, our imagination can then illuminate the exceptional element.

So, what can this element be, for example?

The #answer is very simple: any element if integrated into a functional and traditional system can become the exception.

Just think of a glass floor under a kitchen, a painting with white, yellow, orange tones, sugar paper on a wall covered with a traditional antique evaporated pine wood paneling or even an Engadine #sgraffito along an arched opening that divides two spaces.

Thanks to the right approach, good taste, solid foundations, you can dare without falling into tacky. We do not have afraid to do tests, the #earth is now firmly under our feet to allow us to free the exception and live in a unique and absolutely personalized environment.

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