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Few weeks ago, we said goodbye to winter, ready to welcome the coming spring and summer with great enthusiasm but with the right cautious optimism.

It has been a different #winter from the past ones: we all went on almost without making plans with the big hope that the situation that the whole world has been experiencing for more than a year now, will soon become just a bad memory, indelible in all of us, but a memory.

In these months we have opened our new offices in St.Moritz and we look forward to welcoming you, we have acquired new properties to sell that you can find on, others off-market that we are happy to present you on request and we also have started several renovations, thanks to the trust of our customers.

1. Parli Sagl - New Offices - Via Mezdi, 3 St.Moritz

2. Renovations - St.Moritz (work in progress)

Renovations - Silvaplana (before and after)

But in this strange winter that has just finished and when our work has allowed us, we have tried to fully experience the wonderful #Engadina. This is what we want to share with you today: some pictures of places surrounded by nature, which this year more than ever has given us so much #snow, #blue sky and dazzling #sun, almost to compensate for everything that the #Covid it has removed: moments with family and friends, restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas, art galleries and so on closed, the sporting events we were used to, canceled. In #Switzerland we have been luckier than other countries and especially in our beloved Engadine: we were able to #ski, #walk, discover new places and fall in love with this valley even more.

So let's start ... who among us doesn't know Heidi's tale?

We are in Grevasalvas, a small cluster of mountain huts, in the municipality of Sils Im Engadin, where in the 1970s, some of the mountain scenes from the film #Heidi were shot.

The path leading to #Grevasalvas starts close to the Maloja Pass, in Cadlägh at the beginning of Sils Lake. It is considered one of the most beautiful #trekking routes to do in summer, but this winter we went there, with seal skins to discover this fairy-tale village, covered with snow. It was a wonderful day and for a moment, we were children again.

3. Grevasalvas - “Heidiland”Pictures- Winter 2021

A few weeks later, taking the advantage of another cold but wonderful sunny day, we left the enchanting village of Sils Maria towards the Fex Valley where we made new funny friends as #alpaca and #longs who kept us company following our path.

4. Fex Valley & Sils - Making New Friends - Winter 2021

Then it was the day of the exploration inside the uncontaminated cave of the Morteratsch #glacier: we took the infamous Bernina Express from St. Moritz and got off at the station under the glacier. From there we walked to the "Ice Cave" and we entered it: the spectacle inside the cave is something unique. Majestic walls of ice, air bubbles, stones and those white and blue colors make everything even more impressive as it seems to be a moon show.

5. Morteratsch Glacier - “Ice Cave" - Winter 2021

On a Wednesday morning we decided to go for the traditional #walk in Val Roseg, blue sky, lots of sun reflecting on the snow. A feeling of #pace that we really needed. We remember that day very well because while walking, with three other #friends, we talked a lot, we discussed everything that happened in the last twelve months and how the world’s situation has been managed. But above all we wondered if, from this tough experience, we will come out better or worse than before. We want to believe that we will be better humans.

6. Roseg Valley - Chatting & Walking - Winter 2021

This winter the #snow has never left us, filling the days with magic. Whether it was a simple walk to the office or a half day skiing session.

7. Corviglia & St. Moritz - Winter 2021

But the snow also gave us emotions at night, which in this strange winter with closed restaurants, bars and clubs, we lived differently: simply walking. Enjoying the almost deafening silence but thanking every evening for so much beauty.

8. Night Walks - Winter 2021

We are now more than ready to welcome spring and summer, the reopening of bars, restaurants and we can't wait to be able to "embrace" and toast to a new beginning with many of our friends who will be able to return to work this week, doing it in maximum safety. We will visit all of you, because you deserve it and because we missed you!

We leave you with this video that in few images tell us why we firmly believe that the Engadine is the most beautiful place in the world!

Have a nice Spring!

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