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Updated: Dec 19, 2020

This is the best time to invest in #Luxury#Real#Estate to ensure your future and we are here to help you to find your perfect #home in Switzerland!

Based on the recent #Forbes’ study, #Switzerland has been appointed as being the #safest #country in the #world for #Covid-19, because of its economy’s resilience, and due to the careful ways in which it is attempting to relax #lockdown and #economic freezing mandates in a fact and science-based manner, without sacrificing public health and #safety. Full article:

The report, done by, it is based on 130 quantitative and qualitative parameters and over 11,400 data points in categories like quarantine efficiency, monitoring and detection, health readiness, and government efficiency.

Interestingly, there’s been significant change in the safety rankings through the months of the pandemic. Initially, countries that could react quickly to crises and had high levels of emergency preparedness ranked highest.

Now #countries with resilient economies are ranking higher and #Switzerland RANKS as N.1!

This is, more than ever, the perfect moment to #invest in Real Estate in #Switzerland. We, as parliswiss, have different properties to propose, mainly along the whole beautiful #Engadine and in the sunny #Ticino, the #Swiss southernmost Canton close to #Italy.

In the Engadine Valley we do have #properties to #sell or to #rent in many different villages depending on what you like best, below just options of our offers and on what it could be your next #home as well as some ex. of properties we sold in the last few months.


Picture 12: A typical Stüvetta Engiadinaisa

These below are some properties we recently sold! The demand to invest in Engadine is increasing day by day, both as a pure investment or as its own house!

The #Engadine Valley is known all over the world for its #beauty, for its magnificent #mountains and nature that you can discover throughout the full year. During #winter time you can #ski and #snowboard on the different stunning slopes, go for cross country skiing for tons of kilometers enjoying the beautiful #landscape and breathing fresh air, practice snowkite and you can also walk or ice-skating on the incredible frozen #lakes and make incredible strolls in the fairy-tale snowy #forest.

In #summer time you can spend full days doing trekking, unforgettable #walks making new friends as #fawns, #marmots, #ibex and many others, you can stop in many places to have #picnic with your #family and friends, you can ride or even book horse carriage, you can enjoy doing #windsurf or #kitesurf on #Silvaplana lake.

Everything seems to be magic and surreal.

There are so many unforgettable things that you can experience and we suggest you to have a look at the official website

But also in #Ticino, the Swiss Canton kissed by the sun, the “place to be” during summertime, with palm-lined lakes, alpine peaks, good cuisine and the land of the famous Merlot wine, we have magnificent opportunities to invest on.

Ticino is a very loved Canton, not only for the business, sun, the lakes, the mountains, the food and the wine but also for its proximity to Italy. It is a place where you can live very well with a total privacy and enjoying many things that you can do in the nature. You’ll love it and who knows.. maybe you can really think to move or invest there!


We found an interesting article on it, that we want to share with you to give you a more precise idea on this stunning place and all what you can experience.

Enjoy our Company video below and visit our website to discover the full list with all the opportunity!

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