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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

In Engadine, it happens more and more often, to debate within #traditional or modern #architecture.

For centuries the classic #Engadine stable, that is then transformed into wonderful #luxury homes which become a collective desire, is part of the local tradition.

The well-known Stüva with its magical #wood and its perfume that makes us feel at #home, the colors that characterize the facades and the light that enters is king.

However, for a few decades now, with all the new technologies and construction techniques we have witnessed the birth of new #buildings with a completely different style and far from tradition. Buildings with a strong visual impact, large windows, spaces with different cuts at the expense of habits and requests of potential buyers. Buildings that, in many cases, are opposite to the concept of the mountain home.

It is fine to embrace exceptions, but they cannot become the new rules and they have to be justified.

Luckily, we are in #Switzerland, a country that offers traditional guidelines thanks to strict regional building’s laws. However, municipalities, building commissions, promoters and citizens, they all have the hard task to protect and approve only those projects that reflect at least the foundations of tradition. This is a real challenging task, but do we really want to have a patched valley or do we prefer a landscape with a strong compact traditional identity with just few architectural exceptions?


Stüva Colani in Madulain, a perfect example of a conservatory and traditional architecture

Chesa Futura in St.Moritz, a modern building which became a reference

It is crucial to see the architecture of a place to fall in love with and to be able to read it: it must be clear and simple as the pages of a very successful novel. Only in that way, what we call the “building exceptions” can be justified and appreciated.

A #house that reflects traditions is not only beautiful and in line with the territory but over time it represents a solid real estate investment.

We should be able to look at the unique alpine landscape of Engadine from above and it must be appreciated along its 42km of #valley and not a single project.

The existing #construction guidelines are the right starting point and with the safeguards and proficiency of people who are directly involved, we can avoid speculative real estate promotions out of place which can destroy the current homogeneity that is also beautiness of our wonderful Valley and its landscape.

These years are the proof that the real Engadine houses, with their small windows placed next to the arched windows, the facades with pastel colors, the typical #Sgraffiti hat for centuries have been and still are, the emblem known all over the world, the pitched roofs with large exposed wooden beams, are what investors are looking for.

And what do you prefer for our wonderful Engadine, #tradition or #modernity?

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